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Dahlia "K-Mart" Mancini

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7/1/13 06:54 pm - Upstate New York, Monday Evening

K-Mart wasn't sure when it'd fallen to her to teach Tori to fight -- or to use a gun -- but she'd gotten both tasks since joining Chloe and the others in hiding a few months earlier. At the moment, they were working on fighting. Or they would be, if Tori wasn't stubbornly refusing to cooperate.

"Why should I learn from you?" Tori arched an eyebrow and folded her arms.

"Because it could mean the difference between life and death?" Or between living and getting the shit choked out of her by K-Mart, which was looking like something that was going to happen pretty damn quickly. K-Mart folded her arms and gave Tori the same expression in return. Tori might have been good at bitchface, but so was K-Mart.

"I already let you make me run each morning at ungodly hours," Tori said. "Why should I do more?"

K-Mart fought back an exasperated sigh. "Because you'd like to live. Jesus Christ, you're stubborn. Is that a hybrid thing or are you just lucky?" Savannah could be just as damn stubborn, though at least she listened to logic more. Most of the time, anyway.

"You're a nothing," Tori said. "You're nobody. You're not special like we are. You don't have abilities like we do."

In which K-Mart hands Tori her ass and the girls reach an understanding.Collapse )

(Narrative-y thing is narrative-y.)

5/11/13 09:39 pm


3/30/13 04:32 am - New York City, Saturday Morning

K-Mart had been traveling since graduation. Traveling a lot. She'd seen just about every country she'd ever even thought she might want to see, thanks to Benicio and his funding her lifestyle as gratitude for being one of Savannah's closest friends... which had led to her somehow deciding that he needed souveniers.

Which had led to her assembling what turned out to be quite a formidable shot glass collection to give him. Yes, it was highly impractical. Yes, he'd probably not find it as amusing as she did. But tough cookies, it was her gift to give him so he was lucky he wasn't getting something completely random, like the goat she'd very nearly wound up owning thanks to a language barrier in... well, she forgot the country now.

At the moment, though, she was in a moderately nice New York City hotel, snuggled down in her bed as she flipped through the TV channels and occasionally played a few rounds of Bejeweled on her phone. More of the Bejeweled-playing than the TV-watching, truth be told.

Life was good, oh yes.

(Open for phone calls/texts/emails/visits if you want to know you know where her hotel is, go for it!)

9/17/12 07:20 pm - Availaility of the not my own

Mylia wanted me to let you guys know that she's had to wander off to bed because she's sick -- nothing big, just not feeling well. She hopes she'll be back tomorrow.

7/12/12 07:40 pm - Availaility of the not my own

Okay, guys, Mylia wanted me to let you know that she's not going to be around for... well... we're not sure how long.

Her daughter, Cheyenne, ran away at some point today. She's focused on dealing with that but wanted me to let you guys know what was going on.

7/2/12 11:56 am - Availability of the not my own

Mylia wanted me to let everyone know she lost power and they don't know when she'll get it back.

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6/13/12 04:17 pm - Availaility of the not my own

Mylia wanted me to give people a heads up -- she won't be around until tomorrow because she got nailed with sudden head pain on the way home from work. She says it doesn't feel like a migraine but that it really hurts, so she's going to be AFK tonight.

4/3/12 04:50 pm - Availability of the Not My Own

Mylia wanted me to post that she's going to be AFK for a while because she's really sick and she's got some back issues that're acting up and preventing her from being at the computer for very long.

3/24/12 06:06 pm - Availability of the Not My Own

Mylia wanted me to give everyone a heads up -- she knows Cassidy had library today, but she's sidelined with a migraine and won't be around today.

2/7/12 05:10 pm - Availability of the not my own

Mylia wanted me to let everybody know that she's suddenly found herself having to find a new apartment, in addition to being sick, so that's why she's not around and lucid.
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